Into The Stars 2021

By SEDS in University of Colombo

A chapter under SEDS Sri Lanka

About Us

“INTO THE STARS” is a global knowledge exchange program to enhance the skills of young SEDSers and incorporate with international SEDS chapters as one family. Due to the global pandemic situation, the program is planned to be held online.

SEDS UOC (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space – University of Colombo) is a society of the University of Colombo that consists of undergraduates who are enthusiastic about various aspects related to space exploration and development.

Being the national SEDS group, SEDS Sri Lanka governs 16 chapters established under it with members from a number of government and private universities, as well as a separate chapter for school children named SEDS Juniors.


Dr. K.V.S. Prasadh

Dr. K.V.S. Prasadh

Department of Physics University of Ruhuna

Mr. Yasith Lakmal Ramawickrama

Mr. Yasith Lakmal Ramawickrama

Lecturer at Sri Lanka Planetarium
Former NPoC for Sri Lanka in SGAC
Asia - Pacific Space Leader Awardee 2019

Mr. Isuru Priyaranga

Mr. Isuru Priyaranga

Teaching Assistant at University of Colombo/Microbiology Researcher

Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanarathna

Dr. Aravinda Sumanarathna

CEO of Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka, Senior Research Scientist

Ms. Thashmila Araliya

Ms. Thashmila Araliya

Chairman of SEDS Sri Lanka


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Into the Stars: a Journey

Blu and Midi’s Journey Into the Stars

“This is mothership to Comet Gain, do you copy? Blu? Midi? Are you there?” The beeping of the communicator had taken the place of the singing of the birds. Its crackling voice was fighting with the sound of the river to be heard. It was a while […]

“Into the Stars”: View from the Organizing Committee

In a time where we have been pushed into solitude inside our ever-so-familiar walls, have you followed the glimmer of moonlight oozing its way through the window back into the sky? Did you find […]


first Group 1 467.50
first Group 11 424.00
first Group 15 417.67
Group 6 406.93
Group 9 402.67
Group 5 381.67
Group 7 358.00
Group 12 358.00
Group 4 348.30
Group 16 317.00
Group 2 147.67
Group 10 41.67


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