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Into The Stars

Are you ready to expand your knowledge about space exploration including night sky mapping, rockets, rovers, satellites, space suits, and build friendships along the way? Well... Here is your opportunity! SEDS University of Colombo, representing SEDS Sri Lanka proudly presents Into the Stars! Register today and reserve your seat for the exploration of the unknown!!

World Space Week 2021

World Space Week 2021 is an event that is held throughout the globe and joins in participants of all ages and nations together, opening up a whole plethora of opportunities to boost awareness and knowledge... With this thought, World Space Week in Sri Lanka, 2021 a series of events organized by the SEDS UOC Chapter, in collaboration with the SEDS Sri Lanka body is held in this week.

A bit about SEDS UOC

A dedicated society, shooting for the stars

SEDS UOC (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space – University of Colombo) is a society of the University of Colombo that consists of undergraduates who are enthusiastic about various aspects related to space exploration and development. It operates under SEDS Sri Lanka which is the National SEDS Chapter of Sri Lanka.

Space exploration is not merely the physics and mathematics that come to the mind of people on first thought. This lengthy and arduous process is filled with many segments spread across multiple disciplines. The importance of physical sciences on one side, there is a huge need for the construction of simulations and programming. This is connected in many ways with the engineering and technological aspects present in constructing space objects such as rovers and circuitry. The classical observation sector is very interspersed with fields such as astrophotography and image processing techniques. Furthermore, the logistical and legal face, as well as the management of finances and human resources, is of utmost importance here. Finally, the newer field of astrobiology and astrochemistry is explored with a very big research ideal as well.

  • Data Analysis and Software Development
  • Rocketry
  • Robotics and Rover
  • Observation and Camping
  • Bio-medical
  • Financial


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Executive Board 2023/24

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